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In 1959, the company SPIROSUB was located in Genova. The Mistral was produced by license from Spirotechnique.




It is a single-stage double hose regulator.

The Spirosub Mistral follows exactly the basic scheme from Spirotechnique, with only two variants:

- There is a lip border at the membrane that fix it on the cover of the regulator;
- The exhaust valve has a wide and straight rubber terminal placed inside a transparent box protective;


Picture: http://blutimescubahistory.com/sites/default/files/erogatori/SPIROSUB%20MISTRAL%20-%203.jpg 


In addition, as an accessory, for breathing on surfaces incorporated in the mouthpiece, equipped with a command rotating to switch from a breathing system to other.


Picture: http://blutimescubahistory.com/schede-tecniche/spiro-sub-mistral 




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Mistral #M0376

Mistral #M1.279

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