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The first double hose regulator produced in Czechoslovak was the AV-1. The design of the regulator was based on the Mistral of La Spirotechnique.

It was a dowstream one stage regulator. The production of these regulators was started in 1959 and the manufacturer was Construction Machines n.p. Zlicin plant Brno - Ivančice. Jan Slavíček was the designer of this regulator. About 200 pieces were produced. It was manufactured according to the demand of Svazarm (the largest paramilitar organisation in Communist Czecoslovakia) for diving clubs.



The automatic was usually a part of a seven liter bottle set with the name REKORD. There was at least one device in each Svazarm diving club. The production of the automaton was completed in 1962. The inhalation valve and the exhalation valve were located at the back cover of the regulator.

The case was less elegantly coated only with hammered paint. The main characteristic of the AV-1 was a relatively small exhalation valve in the exhalation port which made exhalation resistance strongly dependent of its position. Without an internal duckbill valve. The mouthpiece was like a simple tee, but with directional valves, though with a small diameter. 

After two years, the AV-2 followed for another two years, was a upstream single stage regulator, but with a poppet valve in the center of a exhalation chamber in the lid of the regulator, similar to the Nemrod Snark III. The regulator also had an injector tube, from the the regulator part into the inhalation nozzle. According to the measurement protocols the AV2 had a clear improved breathing behavior with increasing air demand than the AV1.

AV-2 cut (D. Šuráni)


The regulator did not have a serial number, the serial number was on the instrument panel supplied with the regulator. It was connected to a 2x4 liter device marked "Record". It was used in the clubs of Svazarm. It was also freely sold at Sport stores.

Jan Slavíček also designed this regulator. Its design is based on the French regulator Mistral. The first version of AV-2 did not yet have a nozzle in the vent hose to create a Venturi effect. Other versions of AV-2 have already had this nozzle. Some versions of the AV-2 were equipped with an adjusting screw to adjust the lever position and thus to control the air metering. Some versions have built in a reserve. Modifications to the DIN G5/8 'connection were probably performed by the divers themselves. Later versions of the AV-22 had the lower lid reinforced by riveted ribs and the air was directed into the intake hose through the opening directly from the hexagonal adapter. For the first prototypes, the mouthpiece was not equipped with directional valves.

The production of this regulator was completed in 1966. 



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