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New England Divers


In the 1950s, James F. Cahill (1926 February 28, 2008), one of the pioneers of scuba diving, founded the Hui Kai scuba training camp on Children's Island in Salem, MA along with his business partner Buster Crabbe, the then well-known original Tarzan actor. 

He also served as a consultant to the actor Lloyd Bridges during the popular television series of the late 1950s "Sea Hunt." 

Cahill founded and served as the president of New England Divers, Inc., headquartered in Beverly, MA which became the nation's first and largest chain of commercial scuba diving stores and training centers. 

The New England Divers of Beverly, Massachusetts is one of foremost company recognized for using the Sportsways Waterlung Hydro Twin and Hydro Twin II regulators with a custom label. With their bright yellow decal, black lettering and an outline of a diver.

New England Divers' first model Waterlung with custom label was the Hydro-Twin, and they called it the "Hydro Master." The most common Hydro Master would be the Hydro-Twin II model.

The last year New England Divers cataloged the Hydro Master was 1969.


Hydro Master Hydro Twin               Hydro Master Hydro Twin II

Picture: Ed LaRochelle



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Hydro Master 1 - Hydro Twin II

Hydro Master 2 - Hydro Twin II

Hydro Master 3 - Hydro Twin II

Hydro Master - Hydro Twin





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