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Zakład Mechaniki Precyzyjnej (ZMP) - Precision Enginieering Works - Gdańsk - a manufacturer from Poland, among others has produced analytical and technical balance, diving breathing apparatus, knitting machines, magnetic compasses. The plant was founded in 1952 as a "Student" cooperative. 

In 1954, the company was moved to Oliwa on street Beniowskiego 5, where the production of highly-valued analytical balances has been launched in Poland and worldwide.


Pictures: http://www.dawnaoliwa.pl/opisy/firmy/zmp.html 


According to Dziennik Bałtycki (local newspaper in Pomerania, Poland), in 1965, 40% of production was exported to 30 countries, which was the only one in Gdańsk plant selected for export production. 

They were incorporated as ZMP "Mera-Wag" to unite the producers of mathematical (and later digital) Mera machines.

ZMP "Mera-Wag" was liquidated at the end of 1980, when the license of a prosperous company was sold to the Federal Republic of Germany, creating a Unit of Precision Mechanics "Unitra-Magmor" producing electronics devices (computer printers, reel-to-reel tape recorders licensed by Grundig, cassette tape recorders of their own design, car radio recorders, etc).

The production of double hose regulator "NEPTUN", designed by Ing. Jan Hiszpański and Marian Grimm, occured from 1957 to 1959. It is a two-stage regulator with reserve valve (first stage upstream, diaphragm unbalanced and dowstream second stage), the cylinder is a 8L, 150 bar, low pressure 6 - 8 bar and weight of set 16kg.

The large, negative buoyancy of the apparatus (about 4kg) was balanced by plastic floats attached to the belt.

The production of the Neptune is estimated in 1500 units






The double hose regulator Mors was produced from 1960 to 1968. The production is estimated in 4.000 regulators. The designer is Jan Hiszpański. It is a two stage regulator (upstream, diaphragm unbalanced first stage and dowstream second stage), hoses with non-return valves, low pressure 4-6bar, connection DIN 5/8", P-21 - double cylinders (2x8L/150bar), P-31 - triple cylinders (3x8L/150bar), set weight 24kg/30kg.

The production of the Neptune is estimated in 4000 units.





There are different types of chrome finish and different labels (embossed or riveted label).




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