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The manufacturer is known today only for its compressors, but Mohnsam has manufactured high quality double hose regulators. 

The Airomat was a product of special quality.


Optionally, the single stage Airomat was stainless steel made (It was called Airomat II). The product quality was so convincing that the Airomat was praised in the "Neptun"- from Stuttgart  underwater magazine.

Airomat has a second version with a adjustable venturi screw (similar to Dacor "Dial-A Breath"). 


Dacor Regulator with Dial A Breath Screw


I have bought some Airomat regulators directly from Mr. Gunter Mohnsam and he sent some very nice informations about this regulators including a test for a Airomat manual and a list price.








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Airomat 1st Version No Label

Airomat 1st Version

Airomat 2nd Version Venturi Screw - 1

Airomat 2nd Version Venturi Screw - 2

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