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Meva Saturn


The Saturn double hose regulator was producted by Meva company.

The regulator Saturn was developed by Josef Voríšek (1923-2012) at the Institute of Solid State Physics (CSAV) in Prague - Czechoslovaquia between 1960 - 1969.

Josef ​ Voríšek in 2011 (p.Katz)


In 1967, the first samples of Saturn were built for use in the fire department, and in 1969 a version for divers was produced. The production took place in 1970 in the city MH Libcice nad Vltavou. About 55 pieces were buitl. The CG-45.com collection has the #21.



After that the production was relocated to MEVA in Roudnice nad Labem, but only the breathing apparatus for rescue workers and firefighters. I was produced about 10,000 pieces.




In 1997 there was again a small trial edition of five scuba regulators Saturn by MEVA (PM01-PM05) with the lid embossing "SATURN MEVA MADE IN CZECH REPUBLIC", identical to its predecessors, but now with the usual G5/8 " connection provided.

The regulator body of the single stage Saturn regulator is in principle very similar when compared to Mistral, but stuck in the lever mechanism of Voríšek's ingenious idea.



Unrolling the upper lever on the lower one, a well-calculated curve controls the injector effect depending from the membrane position. And that leads from an unnoticeable start of the injector effect, to a strong effect in the maximum of the breath and for a safe stop of the injector at the end. By this mechanical interruption of the injector flow the nozzle diameter can be chosen larger compared to the Mistral , because there is not any risk of leakage (blowing off air) at the end of the breath so that the air delivery is higher than at the mistral.

Because of that the regulator breathes very well under all conditions. The injector does not start immediately, it starts softly. It always seems that he delivers just the right amount of air as you need, even with high demand.

Certainly that explains the popularity that the regulator still has today and why Czech firefighters prefer him.

The Saturn was tested by the manufacturer together with the Mistral / Royal Mistral, PA-60/61 and Dacor R4 and was best.

The Saturn is still being used because professional vintage divers added a high-pressure outlet for a manometer.

There was a former variant of the Saturn, in which a whistle located in the regulator housing appeals when the bottle pressure has reached the lower limit. However, just like the Mistral, the Saturn also has no medium pressure outlet available for a bailout regulator and an inflator.

Saturn regulator with warning whistle - (L. Seveke)

Because only a small quantities of the Saturn diving version (higher front cover with exhalation nozzle and valve) were produced, they have a high collector value and are practically unavailable. The firefighter version without exhalation valve on the regulator is still available.


If you do not want to collect these regulators in their original state, but want to dive with them, arises a simple way to modify the upper shell. The dry (firefighter) regulator has to be equipped with a connection-nozzle for an exhalation hose and an exhalation valve. To avoid destroying the nice lable, the exhalation valve should not be mounted on the lid. 
The lid must be raised and then a valve can be accommodated (mounted) therein.
After lathing off the cover plate a 10 mm thick plastic plate comes between the two lid parts. Then the exhalation valve is incorporated (built in). The three parts are glued with epoxy resin. The hose nozzle is attached at the plate rim outside.

Threaded rings have to be attached on the new inhale and exhalation tube to enable to fasten the hoses with union nuts. The hoses can then easily be dismounted for drying. The original Saturn had screwed hoses like the Chirana.

The original (diving) mouthpiece and hoses for Saturn are also difficult to obtain. Since these parts have no special features, they are not needed, a universal hose set from the Royal Mistral can be used, which fits as well. Similar to the Hydromat (MEDI-MLW) the exhalation port has to be moved to backboard and the inhalation port moved to right side. Since you have to reorient the lid with the embossing anyway, he then gets into the right position.

So the legendary submersible Saturn regulator can be generated from the available firefighter regulator to enjoy its benefits.

In Czechoslovakia, a landlocked country, there was an astonishingly early, numerous and varied self-assembly scene for diving equipment. 



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Saturn / Chirana #190

Saturn #021

Saturn #377

Saturn #M5387

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