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The Unicorns are balanced single stage regulator. The Unicorn II has high pressure ports and an SPG attached. They also have easily adjustable venturi nozzles.

All of the Unicorns have a very strong venturi flow. Luis had to adjust them down or they become positive pressure breather and air is wasted during inhalation.

Due to the very strong venturi, during initial bench testing, Luis has always had to use modified hose system that easily vented any excess pressure.

Since Unicorns are using a balanced valve, they are not affected by any tank pressure. They perform the same with a 3000 psi tank as they do with an almost empty tank.

Luis has the first Unicorn I around 2010 and he has tried it just past 100 ft deep. It performs the same at all the depth he has tried it. In 2011 he dove Unicorn II. One performed great to around 82 ft.

The Pegasus is a modified Voit Titan (similar to the Voit Trieste), but with a modified second stage and using Robís plastic cans.

The second stages use a body that Creed made. Luis modified them slightly to adjust the venturi flow. They have a very good, but predictable, venturi assist.

The Pegasus have different levers: a slightly higher mechanical advantage and a roller contacting the diaphragm. They are outstanding in breathing performance. Luis has adjusted the cracking effort to less than 0.5 inWC and the venturi assist immediately drops it well below that (slight positive pressure is not uncommon, but very predictable).


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