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In the late 1960s, US Divers gave permission for the Kawasaki Aircraft Company to produce a series of a double hose regulators model Aqua-Master DA. Using the name AQUA LUNG NIHON KK AQUA-MASTER, the series was different from the US Divers AQUA-MASTER in one important respect: all internal parts had metric measurements.



Therefore, the parts were not interchangeable with the models produced in the USA. Kawasaki came with different hoses and clamps. Apparently, the Kawasaki models came in three variations. One of them had a satin finish, while the most common DA and DA II were made of shiny chrome.

The DAs can be seen in the Kawasaki catalogs from 1971 to 1977. They seem to be very similar to the Aqua-Masters produced in the USA and the yoke used was of the tire type. 

The DA II, found in the Kawasaki catalog of 1978, seems to have an upgrade for use of heavy yoke, which supported higher pressures cylinder, without other major changes.

Interestingly, in some Kawasaki regulators they had a lead seal that was found on some of the body caps. These seals, however, were not found at all regulators. It has been suggested that after a technician was servicing the regulator he was forced to pass a wire with a new seal that showed that the regulator had been rebuilt and unadulterated.



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