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The Kaiman (Kajman) R-7 double hose regulator was manufactored from 1969 to 1978 by Precision Engineering Works - Gdansk in Poland.

Zakład Mechaniki Precyzyjnej (ZMP) - Precision Enginieering Works - Gdańsk - a manufacturer from Poland, among others has produced analytical and technical balance, diving breathing apparatus, knitting machines, magnetic compasses. The plant was founded in 1952 as a "Student" cooperative. 

In 1954, the company was moved to Oliwa on street Beniowskiego 5, where the production of highly-valued analytical balances has been launched in Poland and worldwide.

According to Dziennik Bałtycki (local newspaper in Pomerania, Poland), in 1965, 40% of production was exported to 30 countries, which was the only one in Gdańsk plant selected for export production. 

They were incorporated as ZMP "Mera-Wag" to unite the producers of mathematical (and later digital) Mera machines.

ZMP "Mera-Wag" was liquidated at the end of 1980, when the license of a prosperous company was sold to the Federal Republic of Germany, creating a Unit of Precision Mechanics "Unitra-Magmor" producing electronics devices (computer printers, reel-to-reel tape recorders licensed by Grundig, cassette tape recorders of their own design, car radio recorders, etc). 



Kaiman is a single stage regulator and was designed by Leszek Suchy. It has a balanced pressure control system with adjustable Venturi nozzle. 

The set was part of a P-22 (2 x 8liter cylinders - 150 Bar) diving equipment.








It is a single stage dowstream regulator. The weight is 650g with DIN R5/8" and 24mm diameter hoses. 






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