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JCarbonell Gimeno


J. CARBONELL GIMENO from Barcelona, contemporary of Nemrod, which apart from classic diving helmets also developed diving regulators such as the Siroco double hose regulator, Mistral double hose regulator, diving fins, speargums, gauges, scooters, valves, etc.



The supplier of standard diving equipment to the Spanish Navy, was Joaquin Carbonell Gimeno, S.A. from Barcelona. It is believed that he manufactured diving helmets for the navy since the early nineteen forties. Somewhere in the nineteen fifties he became importer and dealer for La Spirotechnique.




They patented various equipment for use in diving. Some of them:







There are known two types of SIROCO double hose regulators: an identical to that manufactured by Spirotechnique, with a yellow label. And another, with the characteristics shown in the magazine, where you can see a star and with a blue label.

There is a  model Mistral manufactured by J.Carbonell Gimeno under license from Spirotechnique.










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JCarbonell Gimeno Mistral



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