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International Divers Corp


The company International Divers Corporation (IDC) was a manufacturer and distributor of diving equipment. It was founded by Martin R. Scholler in the early fifties in Montreal, Canada. 



International Divers offered a wide range of products, including the suit shown here and the scuba regulators shown in their catalogs.











Martin Scholler of lntemational Divers Corp developed a process to make Seamless Molded Rubber Diving Suits, all in one piece with no seams and another added feature. They have been made reversible having a different color inside and out.


Picture: HISTORICAL DIVER Volwne 15, Issue 4, Nwnber 53


Martin, in around 1954, made a fiberglass demand regulator made much stronger than the metal housings made at that time.



Through I.D.C., Martin Scholler became skilled in the moulding of polymer products and set up a much larger business called International Rubber and Plastics Corp.


Many of his equipment were copies of other manufacturers. SCUBA regulators were copies of Spirotechnique / US Divers regulators and exhibited excellent finishing.

International Divers Corporation (IDC) manufactured single and two-stage double hose regulators, including a Canadian-made "Divair."




Double Hose Regulators models manufactured by IDC: 

- D1F - SCUBA: 1 Stage Venturi Action Overpressure - Fiberglass Housing;

- D1C - SCUBA: 1 Stage Venturi Action Overpressure - Bright Chrome Housing;

- D2N - SCUBA: 2 Stage Navy;

- D2V - SCUBA: 2 Stage Venturi Action





IDC, also, has distributed regulators from other manufacturers.










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D1C - SCUBA Venturi Action #007

D2N - SCUBA Navy Type 2 Stage

D1F - SCUBA Venturi Fiber Glass



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