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Cavalero & Cie


RENE JEAN CAVALERO D.B.A. CAVALERO & CIE, was a company established 25 rue Gustare Eiffel, Marseille, France. They have traded games and playthings, gymnastic and sporting articles (spearguns, fins, masks, snorkels, regulators, etc).

René Cavalero (20 November 1917 – 27 November 2008) was a French swimmer who won a silver medal in the 4 × 200 m freestyle relay at the 1938 European Aquatics Championships. He finished fourth in the same event at the 1936 Summer Olympics.

He also played water polo with the team Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille. In 1941, he invented the underwater speargun Champion, which soon became popular and was produced by his company Cavalero; its U. S. Cavalero Corp. branch was registered in 1975 in California. After several decades of competition the company was absorbed by Beuchat in 1992.

The Submarine Products exported double hose regulators to Denmark as "SECOBA", to France as "CHAMPION" and to Germany as "TAUCHTECHICK".

The Champion is the same Black Prince regulator, with a custom label, manufactured from 1969 to 1980. It was the last double hose regulator produced by Submarine Products.

It was made in molded plastic. The two halves of the regulator were fixed by a plastic ring, just like the Atlantic from Submarine. The internal design of the single-stage regulator was the same, with some minor changes: 

- The primary lever now had a spoon shape;

- The exhaust valve (duckbill) was now 'wearing' the exhaust horn;

- A new yoke was drawn.

The hoses used in the Champion/Black Prince have 1 "instead of the 3/4" hoses of the other models. The mouthpiece / nozzle continues to be molded plastic (hard and threaded) but now angled for insertion of the hoses, which are secured by plastic clamps.




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