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The double hose "Sensivair" was made in Hong Kong by Bunns Diving Equipment Corporation Ltd under license from Typhoon.

Typhoon Company was founded by Oscar Gugen in 1947 as E.T. Skinner. He escaped the war and in England started his business. He was one of the responsible for the beginning of a Club of Divers that became known worldwide: the British Sub Aqua Club.

E.T. Skinner was the first company in the UK to make diving suits and became the market leader in diving and sailing equipment.

In the 1970s the name was changed to Typhoon and a factory was built in Redcar where the company still operates. In 1976, developed the first lightweight drysuit.

In 1996, Typhoon was bought by the Bibby family, who invested heavily in modernizing the company that became the largest dry-clothes manufacturer in the world.

Bunn's, founded in 1958, was responsible for the manufacture of Typhoon's double hose regulator.

Bunn's Sensivair is a single stage regulator, extremely simple and built with automatic reserve that was triggered with cylinder pressure reaching 300 Psi.

















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Typhoon Sensivair #1.030 - Dive Gauge Model 

Typhoon Sensivair #1.035 -Dive Gauge Model

Typhoon Sensivair #1.257 - Dive Gauge Model 

Typhoon Sensivair #1.279 - Dive Gauge Model

Sensivair #1.403 - Dive Gauge Model

Sensivair #6.884 - Standard Model

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