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In 1966, BioMarine Industries Inc. was formed for the purpose of developing commercial diving equipment and electronic equipment for the medical field. The company developed the CCR 1000 rebreather that was used by the US Navy. 

One of the company's activities, through contract with the Navy, was to eliminate the magnetic "signature" that existed in double hose regulators that were used by divers who specialize in deactivating underwater mines. Possible metallic impurities in these regulators, which had their parts made of brass or gold plated, could trigger the explosive mines.

US Divers was located in Santa Ana, California, and the Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) was located in Indian Head, Maryland. All metal parts of US Divers double hose regulators produced by the US Navy had to be tested and, if approved as non-magnetic, should be marked with the symbol "Low Mu" (Letter "L" superimposed with the Greek letter "mu") and the date the test was performed.

There were so many problems for regulators to be approved as non magnetic that US Divers failed to produce double hose regulators for the Navy.

In 1981, in Philadelphia, Biosystems Inc. was created, which was responsible for supplying parts to the US Navy's US Non-Magnetic Regulators. The designs of the regulators that were supplied by US Divers were owned by the Navy, which facilitated Biosystems' compliance with the contract.



In 1984-1985, the US Navy decided to acquire 52 complete sets of non magnetic regulators, including double aluminum cylinders (90ft3), reserve valves, banding and harness. The regulators manufactured and supplied were BIOSYSTEMS NON MAGNETIC. Due to all the technical difficulties that prevented the system being totally free (mainly the cylinders) of a magnetic signature, the project produced few regulators and sets for sale. Regulators' final prices were very high (around $ 2,000 for the regulator and $ 5,000 for the full set).

The regulators and sets were analyzed by the Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD).



The small amount produced and the high prices make this regulator one of the rarest for the collectors.

With the development of the rebreather Mark 16 by BioMarine, the navy replaced all double hose regulators by the new equipment without bubbles with a magnetic signature well inferior to the old sets.

The company Biosystems still exists, as part of the Bacon SA group, but does not produce more diving equipment.



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