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The company was founded in 1934 by Geeorges Beuchat, a descendant of a Swiss family who worked in the watch industry. Geoges Beuchat was one of the pioneers in diving and underwater hunting activity, and was one of the founders of the French Underwater Federation in 1948. (1)

Beuchat, established in Marseille in France, was the pioneer in diving equipment and the development of many equipment. (2)

In 1947, he invented and marketed the first "speargum", a hunting weapon sub: called Tarzan. (2)



In 1953, they created the first isothermal wet suit. (2)



In 1958, he invented the first mask with device that facilitated equalization / compensation. (2)




In 1963, the famous Tarzan wetsuit was launched. (2)




In 1964, they created the first "ventilated" fin, the famous Jetfin. Its design is used up to the present days in fins of several manufacturers. (2)




The double hose regulator Souplair Spadon Tarzan, launched in the 1960s (1964), was manufactured by La Spirotechnique (with parts of regulators already produced by them) to complete Beuchat's equipment catalog. As the famous film company Metro Goldwin Mayers was the owner of the rights under the name TARZAN, the name had to be changed.

It is a single stage double hose regulator upstream. (3)









During its years of history, the company had different names: "PÍche Sport", "Beuchat", "Beuchat Sub" and "Beuchat International". And had different logos along of its existence. (1) (2)




Georges Beuchat sold the company in 1982 to the Alvarez family of Toledo, and in 2002 the Margnat family became the new owner. (1)


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Espadon Tarzan #194

Espadon Tarzan #249

Espadon Tarzan #1.077

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