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Gigi del Machio was born in Piombino, Italy, on 03/03/1919. Son of Carlo del Maschio and Antonietta Lezzari. In 1947, he immigrated to Brazil.


Brazilian Consulate – Document Legalization - Gigio del Maschio


In 21/09/1951, Gigi del Maschio founded the company Del Maschio & Pasini, along with another Italian, Pasini Bruno.




The company had its address at Rua Jumana 71, in the Mooca neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo. On 04/22/1952, obtained the Declaration of Registration of Firm at JUCESP, under number 142.007.




In 06/20/1952, with the entry of the new Brazilian partners, José Sartoris Warne and Cecil do Amaral Bradfield, the company changes its name to Artefatos de Metal e Borracha M.W.B Ltda. The partner Pasini Bruno retires from the company and the new address of the company is at Rua Tabajaras 556, also in Mooca. in Sao Paulo city. The activity of the company was the industry and trade of metal and rubber artifacts in general, and especially of masks, regulators and fins.

Gigi del Machio was responsible for the industrial section of the companies, while José Sartoris Warne was dedicated to the commercial section and Bradfield occupied the administrative sector.

Gigi del Machio was an extremely ingenious person and developed new products for firefighting and diving activity. The company has developed and manufactured extinguishers, masks, hoses, compressors, etc.

He was also an amateur by spearfishing. In an accident in a diving, caused by the harpoon, Gigi loses the vision of one of the eyes.

In 04/03/1955, Gigi del Maschio retires from society.

In 17/02/1956, Gigi del Maschio founded the company Del Maschio & Cia Ltda., But, officially, the industry did not operate.

The company J. Braga Pinto & Cia Ltda, whose partners were Juracyr Braga Pinto and the Italian Vincenzino Certo, was founded on 23/08/1966, at Rua Fernandes Moreira 977, in the neighborhood of Santo Amaro, in São Paulo, acquired the rights production of dive regulators and for fire-fighting using.

In 1967, Mr. Vincezino retires from society, and the new partner is the wife of Juracyr, Mrs. Conceição Giraldes Braga Pinto. The company's activity was industry and trade of underwater sports articles, the manufacture of fire extinguishers and masks to protection for the industry in general.

In June 27, 1968, the company name became Atlântida Indústria Metalurgica Ltda., which operated at Rua Fernandes Moreira 977, in the southern area of the city of São Paulo.


The Patent

The patent of the Brazilian dive regulator was required in 1953 by the company Artefatos de Metal e Borracha M.W.B Ltda, owned by Gigi del Maschio.

The Atlândida, the Brazilian regulator developed by the Italian Gigi del Machio, had its patent 47,454 granted on 05/13/1955.

The "Escafandro Autonomo Atlântida" was a single-stage, upstream regulator with a totally plastic body. We believe to be one of the first injected plastic regulator to be manufactured in the world.





The Atlantida regulator was marketed with a 10 liter cylinder, which had a capacity of 1,500 liters of air and pressure of 150 atmospheres.

The regulators were manufactured in various colors with different labels: ATLÂNTIDA GIGI DEL MASCHIO and ATLÂNTIDA.






The initial company of Gigi del Maschio had a complete line of diving equipment manufacturing: Masks, fins, snorkel, mouthpiece, hoses, spearfishing guns , compressors, manometers, etc. Developed and manufactured equipment for use by firefighters and also for commercial and industrial fire prevention.





Regulators' labels have changed due to these reported changes (addresses and corporate name).





1. Atlântida Manual



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