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Kraken #14-001
Argonaut Kraken 14-001

On January 10th - 2014 Bryan launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds necessary to put the Argonaut Kraken into production.

The Fundable campaign had been far more successful than Bryan dared to believe it would be.

The Jury was still out on the Kraken Red hoses. Bryan had been collecting votes on FB and the VDH forum and more than 80% of the responses have been positive (Red Hoses).

Luckily Bryan had a good relationship with the hose manufacture so they agreed to make the samples. Normally they require an order of 300 hoses to start. The shade/color was a personal choice that Bryan liked and thought would be unique. When they arrived Bryan HATED THEM and he was ready to write it off and never even show pictures of them. He put them on a regulator and propped it up in his work area so he had to see it hundreds of times a day and after a while they grew on him.

The Argonaut Kraken is NEW and deserves to break out of the confinements of what double hose regulators have been in the past.

This is the first Argonaut Kraken produced after the Fundable campaign.


The Argonaut is a completely new double hose regulator which retains an attractive vintage appearance, but incorporates state-of-the-art modern features.

  • 1st Stage relies upon a balanced diaphragm featuring high flow capability. This engineering feature effectively limits intermediate pressure change; thus guaranteeing effortless, consistent performance with any tank pressure or any dive depth.
  • 1st and 2nd stages are environmentally isolated to insure absolute reliability in all weather and water conditions.
  • The regulator contains 3 low pressure ports for optimal hose positioning. This feature allows the diver to use any variety of low pressure accessories. The ports are industry standard 3/8 UNF sized.
  • 1st stage also contains a high pressure port allowing the diver to use either a stand-alone submersible pressure gauge, or a transmitter unit. The port is again, the current industry standard 7/16 UNF size.
  • Totally modern 2nd stage design that incorporates features such as: adjustable seat, large ultra flexible silicone diaphragm using a lever geometry designed for optimal mechanical advantage with low friction, and adjustable venturi assistance. The replaceable and adjustable hard seat (volcano orifice) permits ultra-fine tuning.
  • Internal parts that are chosen for maximum durability and ease of availability. Food grade silicone utilized for items such as hoses, mouthpiece, and low pressure diaphragms for extra-long life and easy maintenance.
  • 1st and 2nd stages manufactured from attractively triple-plated brass alloys, with lightweight, corrosion proof materials used for the housing.
  • Main body interfacing surfaces sealed with an O-ring rather than a flat gasket.
  • Effortless, natural breathing characteristics due to advanced design vacuum assisted venturi action, and a high flow/ ultra-low resistance exhaust system.
  • In essence, a double hose regulator that displays the classic lines of a vintage model with the performance of a 21st century design.


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