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Apag Goldach


The company APAG - Apparatebau A.G. - Goldach started its activities in 1955 in the city of Goldach, Switzerland. It was sewing machine manufacturer. During the 60s and 70s, produced diving equipment. 

The company produced initially 125 bar cylinders and subsequently the Air Master double hose regulators. 

Air Master regulators have been produced in various colors. It is a unbalanced double hose regulator and upstream single stage. There are versions of 5 and 6 screws sets.

The mouthpieces produced by APAG for the AIR MASTER were also used in double hose regulators Schick S.C.U.B.A and Airomat from Mohnsam. 









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#019 Air Master Blue

#489 Air Master Purple

#1.169 Air Master Blue

#1.892 Air Master White


#1.423 Air Master Yellow

#1.634 Air Master Yellow

#2.078 Air Master Green

#2.149 Air Master Yellow

#2.209 Air Master Red

#2.369 Air Master Blue

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